Florida to have medical cannabis initiative on November Ballot

Florida Residents will be the next group to vote on a medical cannabis initiative this upcoming November. The state’s medical cannabis initiative was led and funded by Orlando attorney John Morgan. His group, “United for Care” has collected approximately 1.1 million signatures, much more than the required 700,000 signatures.  The signatures have since been certified by the Florida Division of Elections to qualify to be on the ballot.

The language of the ballot initiative had to be approved by Florida’s Supreme Court as State Attorney General Pam Bondi challenged the language claiming it was misleading.  However, on January 27th, just three days after the required amount of signatures was reached, the Court approved the initiative in a 4-3 vote.

Florida would become the first state in the South to have a medical cannabis law on its books.  It could also be one of the largest markets for medical cannabis as Florida has the 4th largest population in the United States.  Public Policy Polling found that 65% of the population of Florida supports the legalization of medical cannabis. This growing trend reflects 50% more support even by registered Republicans.

Sadly, Florida’s Governor, Republican Rick Scott, strongly opposes legalizing medical cannabis. His opponent, however, former Florida Governor Charlie Christ who is planning to run in the upcoming election against Rick Scott is an avid supporter of this initiative. We look forward to the governor’s race and urge Floridians to get out the vote to make Florida a state that serves its patients who require medical cannabis.