PATH’s overall objective is to empower our partners to develop a medical cannabis organization quickly, efficiently, and effectively. To this end, we offer a Comprehensive Products & Services Package that is organized into five sections.

PATH can assist in many different specialized areas as well. Please contact us for more information.

1. Government Relations

PATH’s senior consultants have over 45 year’s experience working with local and state governments on cannabis issues. From Oakland, where they guided the Harborside Health Center application in 2006 and wrote the first modern cannabis tax ordinance, to Sacramento, where they helped craft an exemplary model of dispensary regulation and taxation, PATH’s consultants have assisted many local governments in regulating cannabis—and aided organizations in obtaining permits under those regulations. PATH educates staff and elected officials, write ordinances and regulations, lobby for their passage, and assist in their implementation. We make local government’s job easier by providing them with policy options supported by underlying research.

2. Organizational Development

PATH can help you structure your organization to meet the needs of your team. Your financing, your decision-making process, and your mission, should all influence your organizational structure. PATH has working relationships with attorneys available for your entity formation, be it for-profit, non-profit, corporation, or LLC. Once formed, PATH can support your organization in maintaining its formalities and in structuring its internal compliance processes. And PATH’s financial team can develop your business plan and financial projections to ensure that you have the resources needed for success.

3. Regulatory Approval

PATH’s consultants have extensive experience in achieving success in competitive merit-based regulatory systems, including in Oakland, San Francisco, Sacramento, Sebastopol, Stockton, Richmond, Berkeley, Rhode Island, and Kern County (Bakersfield). PATH has a proven track record of obtaining permits for our clients even under the most stringent of regulations.

4. Operations Implementation

PATH’s consultants have worked with the most successful cannabis organizations in their respective market places. We can help you develop smooth internal operations including inventory control, customer relations, personnel, staffing, training, and more. Our cultivation experts can also help you design and set up your cultivation facility, whether it be greenhouse, sun-grown, or indoors. Our experts will ensure that you follow (and help set) the industry’s best practice standards.

5. Ongoing Support

The cannabis industry is an ever changing one—laws and regulations constantly change, and new business innovations are introduced every day. PATH has experience with the constant flux of the movement, and of the industry, and will lead your business to lasting success through this ever changing maze. We also provide ongoing support throughout the cultivation process, from genetic selection and integrated pest management to harvest.