US States That Allows the Use of Medical Cannabis

Whether medical cannabis has to be legalized or not is a hot debate in many states in America. Since the medicinal properties of this drug were discovered, there are some states that allowed it to be used for treating conditions such as vomiting, nausea, lack of appetite, pain, Lou Gehrig’s, Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s, Hepatitis, Glaucoma, cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other chronic illnesses. The states include Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Washington DC, Washington state, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Vermont, Oregon, Rhode Island, Maine and Michigan. These states have legally allowed the use of medical cannabis for health concerns. But a patient can only use it if he or she has got prescription within a certain legal framework.

Among the states that have allowed the use of medical cannabis, six of them allow dispensaries to sell the drug to patients that have conditions that it can treat. The six states include California, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Montana, Maine and Colorado. In the state of Maryland, medical cannabis is not legally allowed but if a person has proof that they have a medical condition that the drug can help cure, they are allowed to use it.

There are various medicinal uses that medical cannabis can help cure as we have already mentioned above. It is administered into the body in many forms which include liquid marinol, pill form or in vaporized form. It can also be cooked into food or smoked. When a patient considers taking it while cooked into foods, some of the foods that he or she can cook with it in them include banana bread, many baked goods, brownies as well as cookies. You can ingest medical cannabis into any tasty product if you do not prefer taking it directly.

So how are you supposed to obtain medical cannabis if you are a patient suffering from an illness that you think it can cure? First, you will need to obtain a written prescription from a medical doctor. You must also become a M.M cardholder. On the internet, you will find a lot of websites that have got links to clinics as well as healthcare practitioners that are advocates of medical cannabis. In some places in some states that have legalized this drug, you will find storefront operations that work as dispensaries, for instance in California along the boardwalk of Venice Beach.

Another way that you can obtain medical cannabis is by growing your own plants. You will need to have an M.M card in order to have legal permission to have your own garden of medical cannabis. It is however important to do research at state level and find out the laws regarding the possession and use of this substance. It might be unclear with every state having different restrictions when it comes to growing, selling as well as possessing medical cannabis – no wonder there are clashes between states and the federal governments when it comes to what is legal and what is not in the medical cannabis business.